How did FEA get started?

We want to be able to give cheer our all with no boundaries-no bad blood with MB

b.  Cheer can be it's own sport, we want to prove it!

c.  We want to spend more time to promote ladies self confidence and awareness.

d. We are a group to women, who love the sport of cheer!

When does the season start?

Practice starts in August with choreography

  i.  Competitions Oct-December-with IRCA

  ii.  June-IRCA camp

Where will we practice?

a.  Velocity sports in Mokena

b.  Twice weekly (varies for younger girls)

What fundraising will we do?

a. Open Gym Lunch Party in March

b.  Mother & Daughter Tea in May

c.  Additional fundraisers throughout the season i.e. Flipgive, Double Goods, Fierce FAM Feast

Costs of FEA?

a. Registration costs- $400 competition only team-$100 deposit-  can pay monthly

b.  Separate uniform fee $250-will reuse uniforms-trade/sell to others the following years.

c.  Dance coach will pick out costume- $150 fee.

d.  Additional costs-subsidize with fundraisers-practice space, mat space, choreography, music fees, state competition-all depend on how many girls we have.

Can cheerleaders do sidelines with other teams and compete with FEA?

a.  Yes-just not another competition team

b.  At this time we will be exclusively IRCA

Can girls do both cheer and dance for FEA?

  Pending practice schedule

What days will competition be on?

We are aiming for Saturday competition dates for convenience